🎶 Notes on Notes (2021–04–14)

I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink.

There’s a newsletter this week in the technical sense that I am write a note and sending it to you. It really does only barely clear the bare minimum bar, though. Call it a combination of renewed lockdowns, renewed kids at home all of the time, quarter-end reporting period at work, and also spending the day with my family on my kid’s birthday today keeping me from even attempting a last minute scramble to pull something together.

Nevertheless, here’s a listing of some new music that I did listen to this week but didn’t sit down to organize my thoughts about:


  1. Motorobike James - Viisions ( Apple | Spotify )

  2. Major Murphy - Access ( Apple | Spotify )

  3. Floatie - Voyage Out ( Apple | Spotify )


  1. FRITZ - Sweetie ( Apple | Spotify )

  2. The Joy Formidable - Into the Blue ( Apple | Spotify )

  3. Miguel - Ooh Ahh! ( Apple | Spotify )

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